Lords of Acid - Crablouse (CD - New)
We have the remaining copies of Crablouse from Caroline Record's Inventory! These gems are still in the original factory shrinkwrap.

Lords of Acid: Crablouse
US CD Single - Caroline: Carol 1769

Track Listing
Crablouse (The Crablouse In Its Native Enviroment)
Crablouse (Whaever You Do, Remain Calm)
Crablouse (Ludo's 'No Visible Symptoms')
Crablouse (Ludo's 'It's There To Stay')
Crablouse (Ludo's 'Coming Even Harder')
Crablouse (Joey's 'Sample To The Lab')
Crablouse (Joey's 'Nothing Can Kill It')
Crablouse (Joey's 'The Seven Year Itch')
Crablouse (Roli's 'Cured By Muscle')
Crablouse (Roli's 'The Body Is Our Destiny')
Don't Kill For Love

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