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Cool Blue Black Hoodie
Price: $18.99

Children of Acid Black Hoodies with Cool Blue logo on the front. The hoodies are 9.0 (to 9.3) Ounce, and 50% cotton, 50% polyester to minimize shrinkage.

Special!! Your Choice of Free CD with purchase!
(No Limit)

Small XLarge 2XLarge 3XLarge

CoA 15 Year - White Shirt
Price: $7.99

Hanes Tagless Tshirt 6oz shirt quality. Black 15 Year logo on side chest.

These are 1st generation shirts. If there is another batch in the future, there will be some slight changes

Video Tutorial on Coloring your Logo

Cool Blue White Shirt
Price: $6.99

Children of Acid shirt with the 'Cool Blue' logo. These shirts are 6.1 ounce, Hanes Tagless shirts made of 100% preshrunk cotton. Nothing on back.
Large XLarge

Praga Khan Shirt
Price: $6.99

Praga Khan Logo shirt. Front has Praga Khan across top, and Praga Khan symbol underneath. Nothing on back. Black Pre-Shrunk cotton shirt, XLarge

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